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Strong History and high level of competition.

Formula Vee Association of Queensland is dedicated to the development, growth and sustainability of the Formula Vee category here in Queensland and at the National Level around Australia. We recognise the Confederation of Australian Motor Sport and the Formula Vee Association of Australia as the governing bodies of Formula Vee and abide by the rules and directives of these governing bodies.

The Formula Vee Association of Queensland  and club members work to promote Formula Vee racing ensuring to keep Formula Vee within the financial reach of persons of moderate means without handicapping ability or encouraging neglect in the condition of the cars. We encourage the concept of Formula Vee as a strictly regulated class based on stock Volkswagen components and oppose deviation to maintain its status as a low cost entry level racing category for everyone.


Named after its use of Volkswagen components, Formula Vee is recognised by the Australian motor sport governing body, CAMS, as the entry-level open-wheeler circuit competition. Strictly controlled car specifications place greater emphasis on driver skill rather than budget and mechanical aptitude. As a result, it is a learning class and a stepping-stone into higher levels of motor sport. Larry Perkins, John Bowe, Colin Bond, Cameron McConville, Jason Bargwanna and Paul Stokell all began their careers in Formula Vee.

With in excess of 300 cars nationally, grids are filled with drivers of different backgrounds and aspirations. From 14 to 65, male or female, professional or enthusiast, young karting graduates to office workers! Driver skill, not budget is what drives a Formula Vee. An ideal place to start, and a great place to stay, people new to the sport (and often those in other categories) are frequently surprised by the humanity and mate-ship throughout the Vee paddock. Along with nurturing up-and-coming stars of tomorrow, it captivates seasoned competitors who enjoy the social and family friendly environment. Despite the on-track intensity and competitiveness, Vee members rally together to assist each-other, in a way few categories match.

Simple technology in an affordable race car package. These deceptively quick open-wheelers combine a purpose built space-frame steel chassis powered by a 1200cc or 1600cc air-cooled Volkswagen (VW) Boxer engine. Driving a 4-speed Volkswagen trans-axle (gearbox and differential in one), VW components are also utilised for brakes and in front and rear suspension. Designed for low ongoing running costs, the VW components are reliable, locally available and easy to maintain.