Frequently Asked Questions

How old do I have to be to race a Formula Vee
You need to be 14 years of age (16 in NSW) to hold a Motorsport Australia Circuit license, which is required to race a Formula Vee in Australia.

How do I tell the difference between a 1600 and 1200 Formula Vee
There are a few quick ways for the paddock cruiser or spectator to determine if a car is a 1600 or a 1200 Formula Vee at a glance. Most State Championship Regulations specify that 1200 Formula Vees should run a 100mm wide pink band on the front suspension.

Do I have to have raced something else such as Karts before racing a Formula Vee
You do not have to have any experience at all to start racing a Vee. All you need to do is pass your Motorsport Australia driver observation test, and obtain a MSA Circuit license.

Is Formula Vee racing a competitive category
Formula Vee is arguably the most competitive open-wheeler category in Australia. It has consistently by far the biggest fields, and there are far more registered Formula Vee’s in Australia than any other open-wheeler category can boast.

How and where can I practice or test a Formula Vee
Most tracks hold weekly or less regular “open practice” days in which any car can compete. Cost for these days is typically $100-$200 depending on the track. Contact your local track for more information.

Is sponsorship required to race a Vee
No sponsorship is required to race a Vee, and due to the low cost of racing, most racers totally self-fund their racing. However sponsorship will ease the financial strain if you are lucky enough to obtain any.

Are crash repairs costly
The cost obviously depends on the amount of damage, however, relative to other categories of open-wheeler racing, and any other form of circuit racing, crash damage is far easier and less costly to fix. Most suspension components are standard VW parts, so are simply acquired from your local VW performance supplier or wrecker.

What do I need to race a Vee
Racing a Vee is easy. All you need is your race attire (suit, helmet, boots, socks, gloves, and balaclava), a simple tool box, 2 fuel bottles, and a tyre pump and good air pressure gauge. Its quite possible for a single person to go racing on the weekend.

Can I lease a Vee for racing rather than buying one outright
Yes, a few car owners lease their cars out for practice days, license driver observation days, race meetings, and even full seasons of racing. See the classifieds page or contact your state secretary for more information on current leasing possibilities in your state.

Is Formula Vee a good step into circuit racing from Karting
Formula Vee is the perfect step from Karting to full sized circuit racing. Formula Vee is officially recognised by Motorsport Australia as Australia’s entry level category to open-wheeler motor sport. Formula Vee offers real, safe, circuit racing at a low cost (often less than Karting) without huge startup costs.

What brakes do Formula Vee’s have
Up until 2003, all cars where required to use drum brakes from the 1200cc or 1300cc VW. From 2003 onwards, disk brakes of any make are allowed, provided that they utilise single piston callipers, non cross drilled and non ventilated rotors, and comply with the minimum weight per assembly. Any brake pad compound is permitted.

What do I have to do if I want to start racing Vee’s
Firstly you need to join your state’s Formula Vee association. Then you need to organise a car by either purchasing one, or find a car that you can lease. Make sure you contact the club before purchasing though. Most cars will have a known history that club members can tell you about. You should also either organise to borrow, or purchase all the necessary racing attire.

Can I buy a new Formula Vee
Yes, there are several Formula Vee manufacturers in Australia at this time that can make you a brand new Formula Vee. Jacer, Mako, Borland, Stinger, Rapier and Polar all make Formula Vees. Contact your local club for details.

Who should I contact if I want to find out more, and start racing Vee’s
Contact your state secretary for more information and membership application forms.

How much are entry fees
Entry fees vary depending on the state, track, and event in which you are competing. The fees typically range from $400 to $450 per race meeting. Usually, Friday practice before the weekend’s event is also available, again depending on the track, Friday practice costs between $100 and $130.

How many Vee’s participate in races
Field numbers depend on the state of competition. In recent years, Victoria and NSW fields have reached the grid limit of up to 46 cars. Whilst SA, TAS, WA, and QLD typically field 15-20 cars at a race meeting.

How often do tyres have to be replaced, and how much do they cost
A typical racer will get btween 3 and 5 race meetings per set of tyres. This means that the average racer competing in a 6-round state series will be able to do a full season of racing on two one sets of tyres. 

Do I have to be a member of a club to race in Formula Vee
Yes, you must be a member of your state Formula Vee association to race a Formula Vee. Contact your state secretary to request a membership application form.