RACING a Formula Vee

Formula Vee is the most affordable open wheel racing car category in Australia. It represents the ultimate in simple but effective technology in an affordable race car package. In the sport of motor racing, where the cost of a car in most categories is in excess of $95,000, the cost of a new Formula Vee (1600cc) is about $55,000 and you can expect to pay around $20,000 for a competitive second hand 1600cc car. 1200cc cars range from between $5,000 and $10,000. Running costs are low, the VW engine and the VW components are most reliable, available locally and easy to maintain – and a Vee car remains competitive for many years.

A feature of Formula Vee racing is the drivers hitting 200 kph along the straights and then keeping the cars ‘on the edge’ for the whole race in tight formations. The strong VW engine can take revs of up to 6,500RPM. Vee cars race hard and close together with frequent lead changes and close finishes. Lap times are only slightly below those of much more powerful cars. Formula Vee is found on every racing circuit in Australia with sometimes over 40 cars in an event.

The chassis are simple and easy to repair with costs minimal. Despite the often intense wheel-to-wheel racing there have been few accidents. Formula Vee has an excellent safety record with only very few serious injuries. Due to the structural integrity of the cars drivers generally walk away unharmed from appealing and ageless form of motor racing. Drivers from 14 (16 in NSW) to 65 compete in evenly matched cars that emphasise driver skill


A standard 1200cc or 1600cc air cooled VW engine with a standard 4 speed Volkswagen gearbox, and VW components in front and rear suspension.
Engine1200cc or 1600cc standard Volkswagen engine. No modifications permitted other than those stipulated in the rules. Approximately 75 HP produced.
GearboxStandard Volkswagen (VW 1200, 1300 or 1500 gearboxes permitted). Mounted 180 degree about for better weight distribution.
Front SuspensionVolkswagen Type 1 H-Beam with some modifications.
Rear SuspensionFree, provided standard Volkswagen axle tubes are used.
WheelsMinimum weight and size restrictions
TyresControl racing compound tyre. Tyres are all weather and unidirectional.
Top SpeedApproximately 200 km/h
Minimum Car Weight 500kg for 1600cc including driver. 475Kg for 1200cc
CostNew 1600cc spec car costs around $55,000. Second hand competitive 1600cc costs around $20,000. Second hand 1200cc cars cost between $5,000 and $10,000