Driver Standings

2023 Club Championship

Club Championship - 1st Alexander Hedemann
Club Championship - 2nd Alex Macdonald
Club Championship - 3rd Matt Dicinoski
Rookie of the Year Yamuna Sternbeck
Most Improved Alistair Francis
Most Pole Positions Alex Macdonald
Masters Cup - 1st Mark Moran
Masters Cup - 2nd Brett Hanan
Masters Cup - 3rd Jeff Robinson
Club Person of the Year John Reichstein
MASTERS - 2ND reduced
ROOKIE reduced
MOST POLES reduced

2023 Points Schedule

Round 1

Driver Points
Alexander Hedemann 127
Matt Dicinoski 111
Ed Lawrence 100
Alex Macdonald 84
Brody Nunn 70
Brett Hanan 59
Jeff Robinson 59
Yamuna Sternbeck 59
Mark Moran 58
Michael Gillespie 53
Brian Westerhout 48
Sean McKenzie 43
Ken Ray 39
Alistair Francis 29

Round 2

Driver Points
Alex Macdonald 123
Alexander Hedemann121
Matt Dicinoski 115
Brody Nunn 79
Mick Westerhout 74
Ed Lawrence 64
Jeff Robinson 61
Sean McKenzie 60
Brian Westerhout 59
Mark Moran 55
Norbert Miklos 54
Yamuna Sternbeck 52
Brett Hanan 47
Michael Gillespie 39
Alistair Francis 26

Round 3

Driver Points
Alexander Hedemann 106
Matt Dicinoski101
Alex Macdonald 84
Ed Lawrence 78
Mark Moran 74
Brian Westerhout 55
Yamuna Sternbeck 52
Ken Ray 50
Brett Hanan 49
Jeff Robinson 46
Michael Gillespie 42
John Reichstein 29
Sean McKenzie 12
Mick Westerhout 0

Round 4

Driver Points
Alexander Hedemann142
Alex Macdonald136
Mark Moran102
Ed Lawrence92
Matt Dicinoski91
Michael Gillespie80
Ken Ray68
Brett Hanan65
Yamuna Sternbeck44

Round 5

Driver Points
Alex Macdonald120
Matt Dicinoski99
Alexander Hedemann85
Yamuna Sternbeck74
Ed Lawrence72
Mark Moran58
Brody Nunn54
Brett Hanan45
Jeff Robinson40
Michael Gillespie37
Oliver Seibel34
John Reichstein31

Round 6

Driver Points
Alex Mcdonald142
Alexander Hedemann138
Oliver Seibel98
Ed Lawrence89
Michael Gillespie85
Norbert Miklos72
Mark Moran70
Brett Hanan55
John Reichstein38
Yamuna Sternbeck20

Round 7

Driver Points
Alex Macdonald114
Alexander Hedemann110
Matt Dicinoski86
Adam Beswick62
Mick Westerhout58
Mark Moran56
Brett Hanan55
Michael Gillespie54
John Reichstein51
Alan Don36


Driver Points
Alexander Hedemann829
Alex Macdonald803
Matt Dicinoski606
Ed Lawrence495
Mark Moran473
Michael Gillespie390
Brett Hanan975
Yamuna Sternbeck301
Jeff Robinson206
Brodie Nunn 203
Brian Westerhout162
Ken Ray157
John Reichstein149
Mick Westerhout132
Oliver Seibel132
Norbert Miklos126
Sean McKenzie115
Adam Beswick62
Alistair Francis55
Alan Don36